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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ribbons and Bows and Girls Oh My!

Oh my goodness, aren't these bows just the cutest?!? If you have a little girl, know a little girl, or would like to gift a sweet little girl, hop right on over to Sara Beth's Bows! Jeanette is giving away a birthday bow and an assortment of other wonderfully made hair bows. The proceeds from each bow will enable their family to take a step closer to adopting their baby girl in China! Jeanette does quality work, and I can say that for a fact as we ordered the above bows and are so delighted! Look how cute the Disney princess bows are! Do you recognize "Ariel" and "Sleeping Beauty?"

Ashlyn is a bow aficianado, can you tell? We love korker hair bows, Slick Chick hair bows, and Sara Beth Bows! Gotta bow?

We'll get our fill of bows this weekend...someone special is turning 8 years old in our household! In a few days, the house will be filled with giggling bow wearing little girls! (And you can bet big brother will hide out until all the screaming and giggling has died down, or until the food is served!)

Be watching tomororw for Tablescape Thursday! How do all these ladies come up with such creative ideas? Check back for my take on a tablescape...the beginner's version!
P.S. Cafe Au Lait Giveaway tonight! Keep doing those kind deeds and good gestures, and tell me all about it...some of you have 10 plus entries...WOW! :-)


glitzen said...

Denise, you would love the blog called Piggies and Ponies! She is big into BOWS..big and fluffy! She posts a new super neat hairdo for little girls each day or so. Her girls are so long-suffering...hee hee.
Those bows are so cute! Happy bday Ashlyn!

glitzen said...

Oh, another nice thing I thought I made a stamped Thank You card for my girlfriend who had my girls over for a sleepover/club meeting. She loves homemade stuff.

Anita said...

Hair bows!!! Please see picture on my blog today! We don't get as much bow action out of 15 year olds, but you never know!

I'm working on today's random act of kindness or good deed...........I know I've got one in me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday....your blog always makes me smile.

Kim said...

I especially loved the ariel and sleeping beauty bows. Very amazing and artistic. I'll check out Sara Beth's blog. I remember Aleah being into bows similar to that when she was younger.

Sue said...

Good Morning!
What fun it is to check in here daily and see the new goodies you have to talk about. Bows, bows, bows!! What excitement! AND a birthday soon? Oh Ashlyn, I hope you have the most fun birthday ever!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

RunWithMe said...

Very cute bows. And happy early birthday to Miss Ashlyn! Good deeds...hmmm...oh I've got one. Our community school director at school stopped me today and asked if I could teach a Webkinz community school class and possibly a book club class after school. I had mixed feelings about this as it is adding one more thing, but with how much I love reading and love to excite kids about reading, I couldn't turn down the book club. And the Webkinz - well, Emma's a big fan and I know how much the little girls love this, so I acquiesced and said yes. Kind of a good deed I guess as it helps out the school...

Faith said...

Oh, I love me some bows too! You girls have quite a collection there!

Hope Ashlyn has a great birthday!!!

P.S. I shipped your market tote today =)

Anita said...

Denise, my random act today was to drive Nick through BK after school. Ok so it's not a healthy kindness, but he loves an after school treat that is for him alone!

glitzen said...

Well not a big thing, but my sign language students wanted to have an earlier class, since its Spring break. I wanted to keep our class at its same time, but I decided to go ahead and cut our school day short so we could have class early.

Lucy Marie said...

Those bows are oh-so-cute!! If only I had a little girl ... someday, I hope! Happy Birthday Ashlyn!