The Kofford Family relocates to Colorado after 40 years as Californians. In December of 2007, Grandma Lorraine is diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away on Dec. 26th, 2008 after a year long courageous battle. Follow our journey as we keep Lorraine's memory alive, and as we learn to appreciate that each day we are given, is a gift to be enjoyed!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello from the public library!

Hello friends! I have much to share with mom is being released from the hospital today, Ashlyn is at her first day of 2nd grade, and our computer is down! Until we get the computer issues solved, I may be reporting to you for a few days from the library. Unfortunately there is no port to post pictures, and a LONG line of people waiting! Who would have known that free internet is so popular! Anyway, I must be quick! The doctor's are still unsure of what is happening with my mom, but they feel it is safe to have her go home today. We will have 24 hour care with her for a week at least until she is strong enough to get around on her own. What a relief to be at home though! Ashlyn was so excited for the first day of school, and I have some cute stories and pictures to share with you. But, I must go so the next person can use the computer. Hopefully, ours will be working again soon! Keep your fingers crossed! Hope all is well, and I will write again soon! Love, Denise


Kim said...

Hi Denise,
More good news in that your mom is going home today! So much to be thankful for! I am also glad you thought to go to the library to use their internet! You rock girl! That is a neat thing they offer now. How IS your library in Longmont? I am so enjoying the new Redding library. It is a great place to go!


Anonymous said...

I just talked to Annette and she sharred with me that the cancer has came back.......Please know you and your family are in our prayers...I am so sorry Denise.....Lets keep a good thought and give it to God to take care of.....Take a leason from yur Mom, she has a wonderful attitude.

Beverly C.