The Kofford Family relocates to Colorado after 40 years as Californians. In December of 2007, Grandma Lorraine is diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away on Dec. 26th, 2008 after a year long courageous battle. Follow our journey as we keep Lorraine's memory alive, and as we learn to appreciate that each day we are given, is a gift to be enjoyed!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Annette Arrives!

Here she is! My mom's best friend Annette, has flown in to Colorado, to spend time with my mom, and help our family cope with all the new changes that 2008 will bring. Annette really is an angel, disguised in a human's body! Annette was there to help my mom battle cancer 20 years ago. Since I am an only child, she was there to help me throw a 25th wedding anniversary party for my parents, when I was too young to know how to successfully pull off such a feat. She really couldn't enjoy the party, because she was quietly helping in the kitchen the whole night. She helped me in high school choose a "just right" outfit for Homecoming, and invited our family into her home for meals, friendship, and holidays. She missed the beginning of our wedding, not because she was late, but because she was in the back helping organize the wedding party. She and her husband Fred, supported my mom and I through every step of planning my dad's funeral, and memorial when he passed away last year. And now, here she is, again, supporting us, as her best friend begins treatment for stage 4 brain cancer...Annette is always, "there" right when you need her, and you never need to ask. She arrives to help, nurture, and take care of any possible need. How can we ever thank her for her willingness to step in when life is at it's best, and when it is at it's worst? That's the thing about Annette, she doesn't want thanks or acknowledgement, she just wants to be "there." And that is why I have to type this entry at midnight, so she can remain an angel, hidden under the name of, "FRIEND!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Annette for taking all of our heartfelt good thoughts, wishes, and prayers back to Colorado with you. Lorraine needs to know how much her dear friends in California care about her. She is in our thoughts, constantly. I truly hope that things are going well. We love her so much!

And thank you, dear Denise, for the constant and informative updates. We truly appreciate them!

With love and caring,

Kim said...

I love this communication tool so that we can see everyone as well as hear what is happening! Annette looks like the angel she obviously is.
"Thank you for sharing your life with Lorraine, Denise and family, Annette. As you can see you have made a profound difference in each step along the way. The Lord bless you for being such a dear friend."

With love and thankfulness for friendship-Kim

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute......Annette an angel??? I think Sharon and I can tell you stories that will make you think otherwise.

Since there is so much talk about angels, I just wanted to put my two cents worth in and tell of another angel among us......her name is Lorraine.

She has been my sisters, Annette's special angel. Lorraine has helped Annette through many difficult times. Lorraine stepped in to be Annette's "sister" in Red Bluff. We are so grateful for that.

Lorraine also helped Sharon, me and our mom put on a surprise birthday party for Annette. Lorraine has always been ready to help Annette whenever she could.

So, you see, Annette is very lucky to have someone as special as Lorraine. These friends do not come around very often and you must cherish those that do.

Lorraine, you look great. I am so thankful that I am able to see your smiling face. I will continue to ask God's healing hands upon you. And pray for strength during the chemo and radiation.

We send our love,
Gigi & family