The Kofford Family relocates to Colorado after 40 years as Californians. In December of 2007, Grandma Lorraine is diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away on Dec. 26th, 2008 after a year long courageous battle. Follow our journey as we keep Lorraine's memory alive, and as we learn to appreciate that each day we are given, is a gift to be enjoyed!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This trip sponsored by...

BIG THANK-YOU-GRATITUDE wishes to the Lempko family! We have known the Lempkos since our boys were babies in the same play group 13 years ago! The Lempko Family generously gave me their frequent flier miles so that I might be able to see my mom this month! I leave tomorrow afternoon and return on Sunday, thanks to Greg and Lisa who offered me this wonderful gift! My good friend Kim Faires is driving 2 1/2 hours to pick me up, and my wonderful sister and brother in law, Mitch and Tami, will be driving me back to Sacramento on Sunday! You are all so special for doing this for me, and I can't thank you enough for your kindness!

Thank you to each one of you for all your support! From meals, to grocery shopping, prayers, phone calls, and visits, the support we have recieved during my mom's illness has been so deeply appreciated! Please continue to keep my mother in your prayers for peace during this cancer journey. We both so gratefully appreciate ALL you have done for us!

Lastly, thank you to my beloved Tom for ALWAYS being so supportive, and for being "chauffeur/chef/house cleaner/pooper scooper/" and more, all while working full time during my CA absences! You are the heart of this family, and we love you!


stefanie said...


Melissa said...

You are blessed to have such great friends!

sue bakalar said...

What a wonderful gift. Enjoy this time with your mom and know I'm thinking of you both.

Kim said...

Yay to Tom! Nice that he is appreciated for all that he does!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow. I'm so glad to have the time together. Don't talk at all on the plane so your vocal chords will be rested, ok?

Love you!