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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Friday, October 3, 2008

Enrichment Friday Success!

Welcome to "Enrichment Friday!"
I mailed all the children apple welcome postcards, and they were asked to return them in exchange for a goodie bag!
We're ready to learn!
Busy working...
Busy playing...
I peeled these apples so the kids wouldn't know what variety of apple they were eating...Gala apples were the winner!
Mmmm...caramel apples ready to eat!

What a fun afternoon we enjoyed today! I had 5 little girls for our enrichment class and it was loads of fun! We had fun during the apple taste test, with "Gala Apples" winning for favorite flavor! The kids made tastey caramel apples with fall sprinkles, and they tasted so good fresh from the oven! The kids worked on their "I Need A Friend" books, did some graphing activities, writing work, and were thrilled when I called outside time, "recess!" Things got a little wild at one point, so I think next time I will shorten the free play time. Just like in the classroom, things need to keep moving at all times for everyone's full attention! hee hee I sure miss teaching, and when a few kids had tears in their eyes when I read, The Giving Tree aloud, I knew they were hooked! Next session's theme: pumpkins! We'll measure, weigh, sort, decorate, and do a host of learning activities with mini pumpkins and a Halloween theme. The fun thing about doing a little class at home, is that we can do as many crafts as we like, and tie it all in with a learning theme! Want to come next time?!? :-)


Melissa said...

Me! Me! Pick me, teacher! I want to come!

That looked like so much fun. Those lucky, lucky girls!

Kim said...

You truly have a gift for the love of teaching and it shows in everything you do. I would love to come to your enrichment class. What a wonderful thing you can share with Ashlyn's friends!

p.s. I have a friends blog post I want you to see. A great party favor are SO great at that already I knew you would enjoy another super idea!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Your Enrichment Class looked so much fun! I'm sure the kids had a blast and are ready to return next week. Patrick & Parker would love to be there to learn as well!!!

Keep up the good work teach!

Miss you, Laura

sue bakalar said...

Oo, Oo, me too!!! I want to come!!

WOW, you went all out and those girls had a day they'll never forget. I'm really happy you're teaching again because you obviously have so much to give. They are truly blessed.

Thanks for sharing!!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Thanks for de-lurking and saying "hi." The Kmarts aren't advertising this,so you may just need to make sure that the cashier knows. Lots of friends have come home with 20 plus things for free. I am going tomorrow, but things may have been picked through by then.
PS. I want to come to your Friday classes....what fun!!

Beth said...

Oh, I love your ideas for your class! We would love to come!!! Thanks for commenting on the "spiders". :-)

You seen to put great thought into what you do I know the kids must have really felt special.

Sandy Toes said... fun is that! Those carmel apples look great and what fun decorations! I love the Giving Tree!

Thanks for stopping by my blog..I love yours!
-Sandy Toes

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, to have an enrichment party....Denise you are a great teacher just like your Mother.....But of course you had all the best teaching with both parents guidence. I love all your decorations....I use to to it when my children were growing up but not I am a little lacks about it...Have a great & fun fall.....

Kim said...

You read the Giving Tree; how I would have loved to have been there to hear you! Your Enrichment class sounds just terrific! How wonderful!
kim l.