The Kofford Family relocates to Colorado after 40 years as Californians. In December of 2007, Grandma Lorraine is diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away on Dec. 26th, 2008 after a year long courageous battle. Follow our journey as we keep Lorraine's memory alive, and as we learn to appreciate that each day we are given, is a gift to be enjoyed!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finding Meaning...

Where do we go from here? When we first started blogging, we posted photos of our little family playing in the snow, and documented all the "firsts" of living in a new state. The "Koffords in Colorado" was our focus.

Then, my mom got sick. The blog changed into sharing updates on her health and keeping everyone informed. As her life grew closer to the end, I started posting about life lessons I had learned from my mom, and how that legacy will always inspire me to live life more fully.

Now that my mom has passed, I am "lost" in many ways. Her presence and influence will always be with me, but since she is no longer on this earth to 'teach' me, I am lost as to how the blog should develop, or should it just end? What do readers want to read? What keeps someone coming back? Will there no longer be any interest, now that my mom is no longer here? The posts that seem to generate comments are not about our silly kiddo stories, but are the posts that share about life lessons learned, about being inspired by those around us, and living life fully.

I'm not sure how many of you will keep reading, or how many of you will still find an interest in our small corner of northern Colorado. I am still pondering what direction the blog should go from here, and how to find meaning and purpose in this "blogger" world. I would welcome your input on what subjects you would return to read, and if you will indeed return. Please share your thoughts and ideas, they will be so helpful to me in determining, where do we go from here?

Thank you friends!


Sue said...


I love your blog for YOU. For all the things you are doing in your life, and yes, I will continue to read it. But I surely understand if you don't want to keep it up. You're feeling lost right now, a feeling I pray will go away... but it might take time.

Whatever you decide, I'm here.


Beth said...

I found you by be honest not even sure how...but it was at the end of your mother's life and I was drawn in...I read blogs for the pure enjoyment of other people's lives...especially when there are things in Girl Scout Cookies!

Hang in there!

nini said...

Denise - I just want you to know that friends (even blogging friends!) stick with each other thru thick and thin. You have been a great inspiration to me (and I am sure to many others as well). I want to read about your silly kiddipoo stories so I can laugh with you and I want to read about the hard stuff that life sends your way so I can pray for you and support you.

As you may have read on my blog - your mom's funeral service touched me in ways that I could not have prepared for. It taught me the value of friendship. Through thick and thin - the people in your life who you call your closest friends are the ones who will remain the constant when everything else seems to be spinning out of control.

So, with that - please share all things Kofford. The good, the bad and the ugly! Let us (your faithful readers) be the constant!

Melissa said...

I could not have put it as well as Nini did but, I agree with everything she said. I love reading about your life and would miss this blog if it was gone. I hope you keep it up!

Lorri said...

Denise, I urge you to keep writing. Your sharing has helped many...I wonder if mixed in with "the fun stuff", you could share what it's like to live in mourning. Your willingness to keep writing through this process could really help others.

Do what seems best to you...we will keep reading and enjoying whatever you do.

I found out about a website that can transfer your blog into a book..perhaps you can do that and let this first part be "volume 1" It's called

Now you could be Koffords in Colorado, Volume Two.

Take your time, take a break if you feel like it, but I have you on favorites and will continue to follow.

Anita said...

I voted, but wanted you to know how stumbling across your blog via another blogger was a wonderful gift. I enjoyed your stories of your mom and your life, maybe I relate as we've faced so many challenges this last year with my parents. I love them so.
I'm praying for your peace Denise

It's Always Something Around Here said...

I found your blog after you commented on mine! I keep coming back because I really enjoy getting to know you and your family. You have been through so much lately....just give yourself time!!!! We are happy to hear whatever you chose to share.


Lou Ann

DeClercq said...

Of course we would keep reading your blog...Dot doesn't start her day w/out checking in on you first, hee hee!

You always have plenty of interesting things to say on your blog. You are always so busy in your day to day life. I know you will have much to write about.

Don't feel stressed if you haven't posted in a while, we will always keep checking in on you!


LvPoohBr2 said...

Denise, I love your blog. I've only just gotten into the blogging world and found your site by chance. I was fortunate enough to get little tidbits about how wonderful your mom was. I will continue to read your blog regardless of what it turns into. I enjoy your sweet spirit.

Take care,
Syndee Ü

mrsj04 said...

As Sue says, I too, love your blog for YOU. It helps me feel connected to you and your beautiful family, whom I cherish and miss. You and your family are in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers during this time of grief. I know you made both of your parents so proud, and continue to do so as they smile down on you from heaven. I love you!

stefanie said...

I agree with everyone else. I'm not going anywhere. If it's best for you and your family that you quit blogging, well, I have your email address. If you keep blogging, I will still be here reading in sporadic faithfulness.

Sorry I can't comment on each of the last couple of week's posts. You amaze me and inspire me.

Susie Harris said...

Awww. Im so sorry about the loss of your Mom. You just dont worry about your blog. Keep being you and write whats on your heart. They will come~

Screaming Meme said...

This is my first visit to your blog....Tears fall down my cheeks as I read your post...I could feel how much pain you are in...I lost my Mama, too...It has been almost 16 years and I still miss her...I still long for her to guide me through this world...and to show me how to be as brillant as she was....I have grown from the experience and it has made me a better human being in the process...Lossing someone you love dearly...makes you appreciate the small stuff...Makes you a better mother and a better human being...You can choose to grow or choose to be stifled...I know right now you are mourning...Let yourself mourn...But I promise she is there beside you and she is guiding you through your the way..My name is Meme from Screaming want to personally invite you to a blog I started called Project: {Create A Home}....I started it to bring creative and inspiring women together to help each other reach for our dreams and learn to be the best women we can 2009! I hope to see you there...if you want to contribute as a writer...Let me know! :) And I still have Screaming Meme...It is going to be a DIY 2009 year over there! I look forward to getting to know you! And as for a new direction...Well...How about making your blog a place to build you up and letting everyone see how through grief, you rose a more inspired and grateful human being...And I'd love it, if you were a part of the Project...You could give a lot of wisdom to all of us... Meme

glitzen said...

Finding you was a treasure, a gift, one I will not give up! I will be here. I think of you often, and love our friendship and even hope for a someday IRL meeting.
Your blog can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to share memories of your Mom, talk about parenting, children, life, bad traffic, crazy weekends, etc. I enjoy your thoughts, your insights, and your perspective. A blog is an expression of you. And we LIKE YOU. :)
Please keep the blog!!!! YOu do it so beautifully.

Kim said...

Your blogging was what inspired and encouraged me to start my own blog. I hope that you continue writing because I love reading your thoughts so much and it makes me feel that you are closer in proximity. The miles just seem to fade away. So, my vote is for sure to keep on writing what is on your heart and I for one promise to keep on reading and keeping you in my prayers!

I love you very much!

Lucy Marie said...

I'm sorry I missed this post -- I have been out of blog land for a few days. Of course I am going to be coming back! I will be visiting regularly to read about whatever it is you feel lead to talk about. I'm looking forward to 'getting to know you better' via your blog. You are such an eloquent writer - I am excited to see what's in store.

Kimi Jo said...

I didnt find you, you found me. Your comments to me mean so much. I struggle with blogging. I am never sure what to write about. My life is my children. & I always wonder who wants to know what we do in a day! But you touch me & I love to read about the Koffords. God gave us all to each to each other & I thank the blogging world for helping us have a place to be "together". Thank you for your kind words. Please keep blogging & please keep in touch!