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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheap chairs and the fine art of making "inexpensive" look elegant! :-)

I decorate on a dime...well not's more like decorating on a few bucks! Either way, in this economy and time of uncertainty, there is no need to spend a fortune, so I am always on the look out for a good find. The JCPenney clearance catalog was no exception last week. I am in need of a few chairs and a small decorative table, so I used my coupons, and got a set of two arm chairs and a table for a great price.

My friend Sofia is a decorator and I need her input on the this post is for Sofia as we do long distance decorating! Excuse us, while we discuss ad nauseum the finer points of cheap chairs. We're doing it via blogging, because it is so much faster to post photos on Blogger, than wait the 2-3 min. per photo to download a photo on e-mail! This little trick will save us a lot of time but will also be (And if you should have an opinion, feel free to share it! :-)

I'm waiting to showcase Sofia until we get our draperies done, and then you can see her full range of skills! :-)

Until then...Sofia, here are some photos of the things we discussed earlier...this is my chair and table from the clearance catalog at JCPenney. I know it is more formal and traditional than the couch, but do you think it works? The price was right so if I can make it work with a throw or pillows, etc...that would be great. I think a chair in that corner would be good. (Readers if you have an opinion on any of these photos, feel free to share! ;-)

These are the two brown lamps I got from Real Deals! Sofia, do you remember Erica? She will close the store down for private parties and then the hostess brings in appetizers, etc...and receives $1 for every $10 spent...maybe we need a decorating party there next time you are in CO! The lamps were only $22 each! Whoo hooo!
Here's the swatch that could be used for the's one of the silks from Half Priced Draperies. See what you think if I were to move the leather chair...if the tapestry arm chair goes in it's place is it really clashing? I am trying to not be too matchy matchy, but it is hard to pull it all together!
The chair and the fabric...I know, it doesn't match, but does it blend in the room?
The other matching chair is the office...
So I could bring both in and exchange the leather chair...the lamp is from the set that was on the sofa table..too tall? Maybe some books and a little decoration on top to go on the table...or how about a neat picture frame?
I think the draperies will make a world of difference in that dining area...Do you think we should hang them close to the ceiling? I will need to measure 22 in. for the valance and see where it falls.
Remember how you suggested putting an old bike on the built ins? Well, I couldn't find a cool old I got a cute wrought iron one...the fleur de lis pic is from Hobby Lobby...I am thinking about putting the antique child's roll top desk from my parents place up there on the left ...where the plant that too much?
Let me know when you see this Sofia...I may just delete the post then so I don't bore everyone to tears...thanks so much for your input! Talk to you soon...readers, if you have ideas, don't be shy!

It's late and my alarm is set for 5 a.m. Good night all! :-)


Anita said...

Denise, you are too funny, I personally like following your decorating.
I'm ashamed to tell you how many empty walls we have......I'm so indecisive! UGH.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Denise, I'll tell you two things I've read from famous designers. One is, if you want the walls to look taller, hang your draperies from ceiling level and cover the blank space in between with a blind or Roman shade of some sort that also goes up to the ceiling.

The second thing is that repitition settles the eye and is calming. Pairs of chairs for example create calm. Repeating fabrics does the same. While you don't want things to be too matchy-matchy, you do want there to be a sense of balance. Play with things until you feel like you have it down for you. When it pleases you, then you've got it right.



Sofia Striffler said...

Denise, I like the chairs. I can't tell if they go with the sofa that well. It looks like they would go with the draperies more than the sofa. Maybe because the sofa is a little older. However when you put the two chairs and the table in the middle of the bay window, it can look like (as my kids would say, Grandma's house). I trying to keep the house updated, it can
look too traditional. Does that make sense. To answer the question, I don't feel it will look too busy in the window with the drapes but too traditional. If you leave the chair in the corner of the stairway there are too many items. Take at least on away the table or the tree. That corner looks like it has too many items going on.
The draperies can hang as close to the ceiling as possible in the dining room to give you height and elegance. I do like that look. I'll talk to you later. Call you later Love you

Taryn said...

I think that a desk would be fine up there. The green adds a nice punch of color (and I love green) but I think a desk would look cute up there. Good luck!

glitzen said...

I'm never bored on this blog! I love decorating ideas and brainstorming, so I feel honored you are including your readers. :)
Someday I am going to turn all my ideas into reality for my house. In the meantime.....eclectic is me. :)
I love how everything is coming together in your house. The fleur de lis is a perfect touch.