The Kofford Family relocates to Colorado after 40 years as Californians. In December of 2007, Grandma Lorraine is diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away on Dec. 26th, 2008 after a year long courageous battle. Follow our journey as we keep Lorraine's memory alive, and as we learn to appreciate that each day we are given, is a gift to be enjoyed!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Greetings from Red Bluff!

Hello from sunny Red Bluff! Here are a few photos of the past few days events...

Isn't this a great shot of the clouds flying to Sacramento?! We couldn't ask for a better view!

Dinner last night at The Green Barn. Mom, Denise and Ashlyn: three generations!

Our good friend Annette joined us for dinner and made this delicious chocolate cake for the birthday celebration! Thank you Annette!

My mom's evening caregiver Sarah is great with hair, and styled Ashlyn's hair in this fancy "do" this morning.

The back view...oh how I wish I were talented enough to style hair like this!

Off for now...Ashlyn and I are sitting in Starbucks once again for the Wi-Fi connection, and we are due home. More to share later from Colorado upon our return home tomorrow!


Kim said...

Glad you were able to hit Starbucks and update the blog again today. Really enjoyed the photos of everything. Sara is amazing with hair. That is a skill I don't possess and envy.

Enjoy the rest of the trip.

sue bakalar said...

Now that is an awesome shot of 3 beautiful young ladies! How fun that you got CHOCOLATE cake for your birthday... you deserve it! Ooooo, I love the hair, Ashlyn! I wish I could do that too. Allie got hers done for Jr Prom last year and I'm afraid to tell you how much it cost! haha

Have a safe trip home and I look forward to hearing about your trip!


Kim said...

I especially loved the pictire of the fun! I really enjoyed all of your new photos and posts as it's been awhile since I've looked at your blog. Happy Birthday again to you...really enjoyed talking with you on Friday. :)
p.s. Be sure to tell Ashlyn how very pretty I thought her hairstyle turned out! Princess!
kim l.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself in Red Bluff. Have a safe (uneventful) trip home, ha ha!

Ashlyn's hair looks great. It looks like she just went to Libby Lu's! I love it! Isn't it amazing how they can do almost looks like one of the hair pieces you can buy!

Talk to you soon,