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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Friday, February 20, 2009

Clothes, Closets and CAbi

Yesterday Rachel came over for two hours, and helped me sort through my closet full of outdated clothes. I wore the best thing I had, (the same outfit I wore to my mom's funeral if you were there) and she very graciously helped me see how the fit of clothes, the colors, cut, etc... can either be very flattering, or not.

Amazingly, as we were sorting, I realized I had clothes in my closet from 1988! How embarrassing, but true, and perhaps you too have some sweaters or other momento items you have saved? I discarded 8 bags of too small pants, outdated sweaters, old shoes, and Wal-Mart handbags! I think it is time to buy a decent 42 years old I deserve a purse built to last! :-) It felt good to purge, and next week we will hit the mall and see if we can find some well made classic pieces that will carry me through the spring.

I was fortunate to find Rachel through my husband's work, (I'll be featuring her in a future post!) but if you don't have a "Rachel" near by, try setting up an appointment through Macy's By Appointment. I have used this service once for our 20th class reunion and it was great. A stylist helps you find outfits that are flattering, in your price range, and gives a different viewpoint than your own. The service is free through Macy's, and a big help if you are needing a fresh beginning!

Today I am attending a "CAbi Party." I had never heard of such a thing; it is like a "Pampered Chef" party but with clothes! You try on various sizes and styles and then order from the collection. I'll see if I have any luck at this event...with so many clothes I got rid of yesterday, I need something to wear! hee hee

Here's a challenge for you today, just for fun, (and to make me feel better :-) find the oldest item you can in your closet and tell us what it is...can you beat 1988?

Have a great day friends!
Denise :-)


Kim said...

I can beat you by almost 10 years. I know off the top of my head that I have some things in the closet from high school which is about 1979. I am WAY too sentimental. It stinks.

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm a little envious but really excited for you!!

Lucy Marie said...

I have a dress and sweater from 1986 ... it's what I was brought home from the hospital in. Something tells me that doesn't count. :D

This and That said...

I myself am a purger (a closet purger) so the closest I can come to having something old in my closet is my wedding dress from 1990. My husband, on the other hand, has all sorts of stuff from high school (1980s) that he won't turn loose of! (I believe it is in his genes!)

BTW - my most favorite splurge is a great purse... or 2 or 3 or...

It's Always Something Around Here said...

I need a Rachel to help me out!!

I have been trying to get motivated to clean out my closet. I have filled up one trash bag so far.

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

I love Cabi!!!

Kim said...

Hi! Last summer I spent two weeks clearing out my closet- to the tune of about 8 paper grocery sacks of clothes, and three of shoes. Relief! And I happily donated it all to the Salvation Army. You've got me beat in the "still-haves" department, though! ( I think I still have something from about 1990- I still haven't gotten my money's worth yet!) ha ha
kim l.

glitzen said...

I know I have clothes from high school! I think I can beat ya, but will have to look for sure.

I have never been to CABI but my friend is such a fiend for the stuff. I found a CABI skirt for my dd at Salvation Army, for $5 and when my friend saw my dd in the skirt, she flipped out! Hee hee. I said neener neener!

Tell us all the lovely things you find!

Oh, and for a new purse, you cannot beat a Coach. I only have one but I lovers it. :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm so proud of you! I need to do this very thing. I wish I had someone like your friend here who could come to my house and help me sort. I also appreciate the heads up about Macy's. I will look into that.

Thanks so much and have fun at your party!


Sheila :-)

Jo said...

Too funny ~ do to our many moves, I've learned to clean out on a regular basis. However, now that we've been here for 7 years, I've noticed that we have many "treasures" that need to find new homes. :)

I've been to a few CAbi parties. I haven't seen the spring line yet ~ have fun!


Sue said...

Oh goodness.... what a day you had! Sounds like a ton of fun though. Hmmm, now I have to go through MY closet?? hahahahaha I'm sure there's something in there somewhere with shoulder pads. ;-)

Can't wait to hear how your party went!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Denise, thanks so much for stopping by the diningroom, so glad you did. and thanks for the compliments, I'm so glad that project is over. Yes, I'll be glad to share the paint color with you. I've mentioned it in a couple of posts & did mention it today, but my foyer/livingroom color is Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams. I've used 4 colors off that strip & I just love it. The DR is the lightest color, Antique White.

Hope you'll come to see me often!

Anonymous said...

I have a leather jacket from 1975 that I bought with my own money (I was in high school) at the time. I loved that jacket and even though it no longer fits I can't bear to get rid of it.

I am a definite pack rat. I kept the suit that I used for interviews when I graduated from college just for sentimental reasons.


nini said...

Hey Denise! I LOVE CAbi clothes! I have had a great deal of luck with how they fit and how flattering they are! The best part is the sizing seems to run a little big so I have to order a size smaller than I really am! :) I look forward to hearing what you think of the clothes!