The Kofford Family relocates to Colorado after 40 years as Californians. In December of 2007, Grandma Lorraine is diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away on Dec. 26th, 2008 after a year long courageous battle. Follow our journey as we keep Lorraine's memory alive, and as we learn to appreciate that each day we are given, is a gift to be enjoyed!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~Maria Robertson

Friday, February 29, 2008

Luau Memories

Lorraine and Denise in our matching Hawaiian outfits!

Kyle is loaded down with 10 orchid leis!

Crystal and Annette working hard in the kitchen! Thank you to all of you who so graciously gave of your time in the kitchen....Melanie, Sherry, Cindy, Crystal, Troi, Lee, Beverly, Mitch, Sacred Heart Women's Guild, DKG, and more!

Tastey haupia was prepared which is a cocunut pudding...

The Big Kahuna!

The guests watch on as our dancers perform.

There were 2 tiki huts set up, and this one was very popular once the party got underway. POG was served at my mom's request, (Passion fruit, Orange, and Guava juice) and it was a big hit. The punch bowl was refilled over 20 times!

The pretty hibiscus cakes in 4 flavors! Thank you Barbara Thomas for baking such delicious cakes!

Shellie poses next to the gorgeous fruit table. My sister in law Cindy came up with the idea to drill holes in pineapples and attach palms on top! Thank you Fred for drilling all the holes which were layered on an upside down table! My sisters in law Shellie, Cindy, Tami, brother in law Mitch, and my mother in law Billie cut fruit for over 200 people until the wee hours on Saturday night!

Two of our lovely Luau Ladies Committee...Annette and Cindy...

Hawaiian dancers!

Thank you Lani and your lovely hula dancers!

Mahalo Aunt Beth!

BIG THANKS to my Aunt Beth, who graciously performed at my mom's luau! Beth is a talented musician, and she brought her ukelele to play for us at the party. She sang two songs, and one was especially meaningful to me. Several years ago, Beth put lyrics to the piano music my dad wrote for me as a baby. At the luau, she sang and played, "Denise's Song" for everyone to enjoy. This was so moving to me, as it brought back many memories of my dad, and of many wonderful years and memories of Beth. Thank you Aunt Beth, for flying out to the celebration to sing this just for us, or most of all for being such an important part of my life! As soon as we have photos to post, we will share those of Beth performing, and all the wonderful images from the day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Friends, Family, Laughter, and a Luau

Hello Friends and Family!

WOW, what a whirlwind 10 days we spent in California! There was much to enjoy and take care of, and I think we accomplished it all! From the necessary things: doctors and financial plans; to the fun perks of visiting with friends and out of town family; the difficult: taking care of my mom's funeral wishes, to the most enjoyable: a "Celebration of Life Luau!" Let's focus on the positive and fun...the LUAU!

We were blessed with friends and family both locally in Red Bluff, and those that travelled from many miles away. My mom's dear friend Georgia flew in from Newport Beach, and we so enjoyed getting to catch up with her! She and my mom taught together over 30 years ago, and Georgia was my 3rd grade teacher back in 1973! She was my inspiration for wanting to become a 3rd grade teacher, as my year in her class was pure magic! Every element of learning was a magical journey, and I fondly recall so many details! It was wonderful to have her spend the week with my mom and share in this special celebration!

My Aunts Sylvia and Beth, Uncles Jerry and Edward, Cousin Mike and his family, all flew in to be a part of the day with us! Our friends the Wileys drove up from the bay area, and our friends the Lempko's and Ross' drove in from Sacramento. We had childhood friends in attendance; thank you Kim, Warren, Jim, Troi, Lee, Kelly and Todd! My mom had friends from all of her many organizations, church, neighbors, teacher friends from Antelope School, and friends of my dad's from the sherrif's department and the airport were all present!

Now, let me tell you what my sister in law Cindy spearheaded with the help of many wonderful people; the Luau Ladies! Thank you Cindy, Annette, Melanie, Beverly, Sherry, and Shellie! A bit of the Hawaiian islands truly came to Red Bluff on a very rainy, windy, and blustery day! Upon walking into the hall, we could hear Hawaiian music playing as a lush tropical paradise awaited our arrival! A big tent was set up with grass skirting and palm trees where my mom passed out leis to each guest who arrived. Upon entering, guests saw a sea of bamboo palm trees with colorful hibiscus flowers on each table. Big Kahunas, Tiki huts, and fresh palms lined the walls. Fresh Hawaiian ginger, bird of paradise, and orchid arrangements adorned each food and memory table. Fresh orchid leis were ordered especially for us to wear; thank you Kay and Linda!

There were two memory tables with memorabilia from my mom's life growing up in Hawaii, beautiful and delicious cakes were lovingly baked and prepared by my mom's friend Barbara, and were surrounded with antheriums and hibiscus. Authentic Hawaiian foods were prepared from scratch with researched recipes that were absolutely delicious! Thank you Delta Kappa Gamma sisters, and all those involved in preparing all the fantastic pork, chicken, haupia, salads, rice, rolls, etc... and for slaving away in the kitchen through-out the entire party! Special thanks to Melanie Hoskins for organizing this huge job of preparing all the meats! Thank you to Danny and Dianne from "The Big Picture~Custom Framing" in Red Bluff, for graciously rearranging your schedule to photograph the event!

My mom was just in awe of the entire celebration which included two sets of authentic Hawaiian dancers, all her favorite foods, some of which were prepared especially for her to enjoy, such as poi! Her friends Annette and Sherry gathered all the photos for a moving video tribute, and the entire event couldn't have been more perfect or more celebratory! It was truly a "celebration of life" that honored my mother, and what her life has meant to everyone there!

Special thanks to the Null Family for hosting two BIG meals for our family, for setting up, cleaning up, entertaining kids, cooking, drilling holes in pineapples, working throughout the night, and more! Thank you to my in laws; the Koffords, Ragans, and Clelands who cooked, decorated, spent hours cutting fruit, preparing centerpieces, cleaning up, etc...etc... How can I ever thank you enough for doing all of this for my mom?!? I love you all!

SPECIAL gratitude goes out to my sister in law Cindy, who rescued me from being overwhelmed, and took the reins of organizing all the facets of this awesome event! Cindy drove all over the state looking for just the right elements for the party, researched tirelessly, shopped, purchased, returned, and researched more for everything to be just "perfect!" She organized entertainment, and created the massive pineapple palm centerpieces, bamboo palm centerpieces, and was the 'mastermind' behind many of the details throughout the event. We had said that she basically had a month to pull off a "reception" for over 200 people! It all could not have been possible without the help of all the Luau Ladies committee, the many friends, family, and organizations that assisted!

On behalf of both my mother and myself, we thank you for giving my mom one of the final wishes she has had since learning of her disease and prognosis...that of sharing time with each person she cares about, and to have the opporunity to tell each person who attended, "Thank you" for being a part of her life! Mahalo!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fish Faux Pas

Apologies to our fishermen readers, especially the new fisherman Kyle and his fishing buddies Fred and Fred, Jr...the fish caught below, were NOT trout, but bass! I must have been having a ditzy moment (one of many I will share with you!) for making this fish faux pas! Thank you Null Family for not only taking our guys out fishing, but for cleaning and packaging it so well for us to prepare here in Colorado!

We can add my fish mistake to several other "ditzy moments" during our stay in California...backing my mom's car into the front end of my father in law's vehicle scraping off the paint...(Thanks Ron for making me feel better about the whole thing. He just calmly said, "It's OK Denise, we'll just spray paint the front!) Losing my wallet for about an hour, forgetting my camera in CO, and for the biggy...completely taking off the side view mirror of my mom's car by backing up into the side of the garage!

For those of you who knew my dad when he was living, you will remember how very careful he was with all of his cars. He said it came from his dad who was also very careful about his vehicles. My dad remembered his father waiting for him to return from a date as a teenager, and walking around the entire car making sure he didn't put any scrapes or dents into it. So, you can imagine who the first person was that came to my mind after these two dad! I don't know if my dad would be laughing, or cringing from up above!

I am anxious to share with you the FANTASTIC "Celebration of Life Luau" details from yesterday! I'll save that great story for the next post. My kind brother in law Mitch, is sending me some photos of the event to post, as I was so absent minded and left my camera at home! More soon...until then, watch your side view mirror when you back up out of your garage, and know that my dad would be happy that you did!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A few more fishing photos

Fishing on Shasta Lake

Tom and Kyle had the opportunity go fishing with our friends Fred and Fred Null, Jr. on Shasta Lake today. Kyle had never been fishing, and so this was a great day for him as he caught 4 trout! Tom didn't have such good luck, but he was happy to just be there enjoying the day with the guys. We have been friends with the Nulls for over 30 years, and Fred was our Chemistry teacher in high school. Fred Jr. was our ring bearer 20 years ago, so this was a great time for Kyle to get know these awesome friends. Here are some photos of Kyle with Fred Jr. and his first catch of the day! Thank you Null Family for fishing, the delicious dinner, and your friendship!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

California Update

Hello from Red Bluff! We made it home and my mom is SO happy to be here! As much as she loved being in Colorado, the saying is true that "there's no place like home!" We had forgotten just how beautiful California is. The hills and pastures are so green this time of year, and the last two days it was in the high 60's so we enjoyed "sunbathing" on my mom's lawn. Her 4 acre property has lush green hills and all the trees are starting to bud. My friend Kim brought us oranges from her tree, and we appreciated how much fresh citrus is a luxury we have missed.

My mom has enjoyed getting reaquainted with everyone, and is already off to "Bunco" this afternoon. We met with the accountant this morning and have appointments with the attorney, banker, doctor's, home health, it will be a busy week getting everything organzied.

Kyle was able to spend a few days in Dubin with his buddy Tom, and the kids are enjoying having time with "Grandma Billie and Papa Ron" at Tom's folks place. Ashlyn loved having Papa take her for a ride on his new golf cart, and she has been able to spend time with her Aunt Shellie which has been great. Ashlyn and Shellie are kindred spirits with their identical shades of red hair, and when people see them together, everyone thinks that Shellie should be Ashlyn's mother!

I am not able to post photos from my mom's computer, so that will have to wait another week. What a shame as there are so many pretty sites to show you from Mt. Lassen to Mt. Shasta on a sunny day. We thank each of you from Colorado to California for all your help during this first phase of my mom's cancer journey. It has certainly made this transition as smooth as possible, and we thank you!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kyle's "Wrestle-Offs"

After my mom's "radiation celebration" we headed over to Kyle's middle school to watch him compete in the first "wrestle-offs" competition. It was a lot of fun, and we were impressed with all the coaches, referrees and kids. Kyle lost his first match 7-6 but won the second, pinning the wrestler and ending with a score of 11-5. These are a few photos of the event. (Kyle's in the red shorts) Move over WWF, here comes Kyle Kofford! :-)

Friday, February 15, 2008

It was a "Radiation Celebration!"

Yippee! Today was my mom's last day of radiation, and the doctor said that she can end chemotherapy today as well! We thought she had one more week to go, so this was a pleasant surprise. Hip Hip Hooray! The MRI results also came back with great news. There are no cancer cells visible, and the tumor they removed on Christmas has not returned! All the swelling around that sight is gone, and each target area in her brain is clear of visible cells! Most likely there are microscopic cancer cells still in her brain due to the nature of this type of brain cancer, but for now, this was the best possible outcome! We were very pleased with this news! Here are a few photos my mom wanted to share with you!

The nurses and doctors all came out for a special ceremony they hold for each patient at the completion of radiation. My mom was given a pretty "quillow" (blanket and pillow in one) and a "graduation" certificate from all her nurses and doctors. They all came out to to watch her read a special poem and ring the bell of radiation completion. Here is the poem:
I ring this bell,
Three times well,
A toll to clearly say,
Radiation treatments are done,
And I am on my way!

Now just for fun....for those of you curiosity seekers...check out what the radiation process was really is my mom with the spooky mask she had to wear during treatment, and the wonderful helpers who made the whole process not so scary. My mom also asked me to show you her great "Hawaiian" view on top of the ceiling, which was her daily inspiration during treatments. The nurses would joke with her when the machine rotated saying they were "just moving her beach chair!"

Thank you Hope Care Cancer Center at Longmont United Hospital! My mother had the best possible care throughout her treatment! We so appreciate the kindness, dignity, and concern each of you gave to her! We are forever grateful!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The case of the missing valentines

Unbeknownst to me, a near disaster occured this morning. Ashlyn walked in her classroom this morning in tears. She had lost her valentines. Were they stolen? (Imagine!) Were they crushed under a snowy tire? Where could they have vanished? Luckily, 1st grade teachers can solve mysteries and dry tears at the same time! Ashlyn's teacher Mrs. Boeke knew just what to do. They backtracked Ashlyn's morning and realized the valentines had been left on the school bus! Gasp! So, Mrs. Boeke called the school secretary, who called the bus driver, who drove back to school to deliver the ever important valentines! Whew! It was a team effort and Valentine's Day was saved! Thank you Mrs. Boeke, Mrs. Blick, and Driver Dan for helping a 6 year old on her first Colorado Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Car Contender...

It was 63 degrees yesterday, and today we woke up to snow! It's 29 degrees and we've had 4 inches of snow so far this morning! Here is Ashlyn loaded down with Valentine goodies, posing in front of a possible new car for us. The dealership lets you take potential cars home to test drive, so this year old Lincoln Navigator is a potential buy for us. We are mulling over several choices, and there are of course pros and cons to each. So, we have not made a decision yet. We'll keep you informed...inquiring minds want to know! :-)
Today my mom has several appointments, and I have an appointment with the dentist for a cracked tooth. We are busy packing and preparing for our trip on Sat. Our animals will stay behind with a "pet sitter" so they will have the run of the house for 10 days!
This afternoon I will stop by Ashlyn's school for the Valentine's party, and then off to Kyle's wrestling. What about Tom you ask? Well, someone has to go to work around here! He left bright and early at 5:45 a.m. today so it was an early morning. Thank you Tom! You are our "valentine", all year long!
Enjoy your Valentine's Day! We wish each of you a day filled with love!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cookie Central

The Girl Scout cookies are in! WOW, Ashlyn sold close to 200 boxes thanks to your generosity! We will be making our deliveries this week so you too can enjoy some tastey treats!

A few new issues have cropped up with my mom's health, but the oncologist and radiation oncologist both agreed to wait and follow up with these items in Red Bluff next week. We had three doctor's appointments today, and tomorrow is the much awaited MRI which will hopefully show no new cancer growth.

We'll keep you the way...remember our furry friend from last week? He met his demise in a peanut butter trap! Eeeek!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's so nice, on the ice...

Our pond has been frozen over for a few months now, and today we got bold enough to try walking on it! We've all thought about it...we've thrown rocks across to see if they would crack the ice...we've sent items sailing across the top layer...but today, I just couldn't stand it another day! I had to try going out, and if I went through, Tom was there to save me! Fortunately, I was just fine, so we all had a try gliding across our little pond. Here's the Kofford Family sunning ourselves during our first winter with a frozen pond!

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday! Take a look at this Valentine cake! Our new friend Joie, that lives right around the block, made this fantastic cake for us in addition to a wonderful dinner! Everyone has been so gracious to prepare meals for us during my mom's treatment, and the food we have received has been fantastic! We are enjoying the wonderful cake Joie, and the kids still remember your "brownies from heaven!"

Tomorrow we have a busy day with several medical tests for my mom, in addition to day #25/30 of radiation. She will finish her chemotherapy treatment within a few days of returning to California and will have a few weeks off before round #2. She will have an MRI this week to show how well the radiation has attacked the cancer cells in her brain. The doctors are hoping that all the swelling in her brain will have subsided, and that there will be no more new growth of the tumor.

Kyle is sure enjoying wrestling, and is sore everyday after practice! He will compete this Friday in the school's "wrestle offs" so that will be our first time seeing him in action. All the practices are closed, so it is a mystery as to what they do each day! I actually got a sneak peek when I picked him up early on Friday for guitar lessons. I didn't see much, but what I did observe was 80 boys on task, working hard with organized coaches. I think it will be a great season for Kyle!

Girl Scout cookies come in this Tuesday night and we will be making our delivery rounds! We will also be flying all of our California orders home with us on Saturday! BIG thanks to all of you who supported Ashlyn's troop in their cookie sales! It sure meant a lot to Ashlyn to see all your messages, and she is excited for all the good her troop can do with their portion of the profits! She is looking forward to community service work, and I am so proud of her for focusing on that need.

Yesterday we three ladies all went to see, "27 Dresses" and it was such a cute movie! If you are looking for a light hearted clever film, we recommend this movie! By the way, to our niece Holly, your exact bridesmaid dresses were in this film! Watch the "closet" scene! Great minds think alike!
Tom took a few cars for a spin yesterday, and we are hoping to narrow down our choices. Our '96 Explorer has over 150,000 miles and is on it's last legs. I am excited to have a newer car to drive, and one that will get us safely through snow and ice. Did I tell you I "slid" right past our street last week? I tried to slow down soon enough, but just slid right past the turn. Thank goodness no one was behind me! This is why I have said all along that the kids are safer on the school bus than they are with me driving!
Have a good rest of your weekend and we will be in touch soon! Send us a comment on what you are up to! We sure enjoy hearing from everyone, and it is so nice to hear the latest in your lives. We enjoy diversions from talking about brain cancer, so your updates are welcome! Love, Denise

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Round two...Valentine Crafts

Here she is busy at mom has made 30 Valentine goodies for the Women's Guild back in California and we got those mailed off today. She is on round two for another organization, so be watching the mail "Crafty Ladies" in Red Bluff.

Right after radiation today we drove to Loveland where my mom met up with a classmate of hers from Puuenene School in Maui. She and her friend Beverly had been keeping in touch for 60 years! We met at "Cracker Barrel" for a nice lunch and the ladies had fun reminiscing about stories from long ago. Of course my favorite is how the school children in Hawaii did not have to wear shoes to school! There is a cute picture of all the little girls lined up in their fancy dresses with bare legs and bare feet!

The radiation oncologist is beginning to taper down the radiation dosage since my mom is almost down to her last week! The end is in sight! Tomorrow she has her occupational therapy, radiation, and a new friend, "Dorothy" is taking her to a stamping and scrapbooking store! My mom makes friends wherever she goes, and has truly made Longmont her "home away from home."

Have a good night, and we will keep you up to date on all the tests that my mom will undergo next week. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she stays healthy and well to complete this round of chemo and radiation so that she can be bound for CA next week! Thank you to everyone who signed up on the "Helping Hands" site. Your help and support is SO appreciated!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valentine blog...wear sunglasses!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so I thought a new look would be appropriate for our blog this week! The hot pink is sure to get some comments...we need to keep things lively you know! Enjoy those you love, and make each moment count!

Mahalo "Luau Ladies!"

The big "Celebration of Life Luau" is coming together beautifully, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you on Feb. 24th! Big thanks to the special luau committee, aka the "Luau Ladies!" My sister in law Cindy has been a HUGE help organizing and working with the committee on everything from Hawaiian foods, to entertainment, and decorating. Annette, Sherry, Beverly, Melanie, Shellie and Cindy are all working together to make this event so memorable for my mom! Each lady is in touch with one of the organizations my mom is in, and all of these ladies are also donating their time and talents. Funerals are for honoring one's life, but having a celebration while you are alive, is sure a lot more fun. Isn't it ironic how we don't share with others how they have touched our lives until it is too late? That is exactly the reason my mom wanted to have this celebration on the 24th. My mom doesn't wait anymore to tell anyone how she feels. She says, "I love you" to so many people who have helped her in this journey, from clinicians to caregivers, and of course her family and friends. Although I sometimes feel embarassed, I also have come to realize, "Why wait?" So, thank you to all of the readers who have followed our story. Thank you for all your care, concern, and hope. We love you!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

News of the day...the cardiologist said my mom's heart sounds strong, which is a big relief after the scare on Christmas Day with all the fluid around her heart. She will need to do several tests including a chest X-ray, EKG, more blood work, an MRI, etc...before leaving Colorado. Today was Day #26 for chemotherapy and Day #22 of radiation treatments so she is excited to see the end in sight. I have had a sore throat today, so keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't get any worse, as I am afraid our "house of cards" will come tumbling down if I am out of commission. I am taking off now for our evening shift of sports, music, and a church service for my mom. When you have time, check out the Helping Hands web site, and let us know if you may be able to provide a ride to an appointment, or share a meal with my mom. The most urgent need is a big favor we wanted to ask of someone in the Red Bluff area. If you would be willing to pick up a few groceries for when my mom arrives on the 16th, it would save us a trip to the grocery store for a few days. Since she has been here in Colorado for 2 months, the cupboards are bare in California! hee hee If you can assist us, we will send you a grocery list and $$ for the items. More details are on the helping hands site. Thank you so much!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Snowy cows from our kitchen window...

Doesn't today look like a typical winter day? The leaves on the trees have been gone for months, and the snow is softly falling. Fortunately for us, it is warm inside with our toasty fire, and we have only 5 things to do tonight, with emphasis on the word, "only!" ha ha
My mom had her radiation treatment this morning and we met with radiation oncologist. She is doing well, and tomorrow they will check her blood count, she will see the oncologist, and see the cardiologist. So far, she is responding well to treatment and feeling good!
My mom is feeling so well, that she has me running in circles! :-) She really wanted to send out an addition to her Christmas newsletter, so I helped her with that, and she is busy working on her Valentine treats for her Women's Guild. She is also working on ideas for the DKG Installation which is to be held at her home next month. She is organizing photos, arranging for Hawaii info for a gal she met at radiation, attending a Healing Mass tonight, and working on little favors for the luau. All these things require my assistance; buying items, shopping, shipping, post office, I insisted on a nap this afternoon! (She said she didn't need one, but I did! :-)
I keep telling my mom I don't know if she is going to be up to all this when she returns home, and starts the stronger doses of chemotherapy. At this point, she wants to do it ALL and live each moment with all the things she enjoys!
Dreary winter day? Not in our household, it is full of warmth, animals, kids, and crafts! Enjoy your day, and check out our "Helping Hands" website when you have time. I know your help will be so instrumental in my mom's independence back in California! I am off now to help Ashlyn with piano and Kyle's wrestling, Ashlyn's Brownie meeting, and to take my mom to the special Healing Mass...enjoy your evening and stay warm!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Helping Hands Web Site

Thank you to everyone who has offered to help my mom during her illness! Your care and concern for her has meant so much! We have set up a "Helping Hands" site where you can view calendars of the upcoming months. Once you register as a member, (a free service that just requires your name and e-mail) you can view any day in a month, and see all needs on a given day.

We will be flying my mom home to Red Bluff on Feb. 16th. We will assist her with financial affairs and getting things in order. Tom, the kids, and myself will fly back to Colorado on Feb. 25th. After this time, my mom plans to stay in Red Bluff and live as independently as possible. One big change in her life that will affect independence, is that she can no longer drive. She will need rides to various activities and errands such as grocery shopping, church, etc...There are local agencies that we can hire to help with these needs, but we wanted to ask for your help in some of these areas. If you are involved in one of her organizations, would you perhaps be able to pick her up for a ride to and from an activity or two?

For all of my mom's local Red Bluff friends, this is our opportunity to ask you for practical help from meals to transportation to doctor appointments. You can see the site at: If you would be able to assist with a need, please add your name to that particular day. I have included a few messages for our helpers, and we will be posting pictures, you may see some new updates on that site! Thank you for taking a look at the site, we so greatly appreciate your assistance!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bald is beautiful, but so is a new wig!

Here is Grandma after having her new wig styled by "Diane" at Keeley's Beauty Boutique! I attended the parent information meeting for wrestling at Kyle's school, and we multi-tasked by having our "caregiver" Stephanie take my mom to her appointment. Stephanie has been a huge help when I am unable to drive my mom, and Diane has been helping my mom with several haircuts before the wig fitting. We ordered a special wig from a catalog, but found out today at radiation, that the local Cancer Society will give you a free wig just for stopping by. So, my mom may take on a second look. Who says a lady can't have more than one hair style?!

Today my mom had an appointment with her favorite occupational therapist and completed her 18th radiation treatment. We ran some errands, and then drove to Lafayette for an appointment with the neurosurgeon who performed her brain surgery. He was very helpful, and said that if the tumor grows back after chemo, they will just remove it, and that will "buy" her a few more months. He did say that people in her age group usually live one year from the diagnosis day, even with surgeries and treatment...BUT, due to her attitude, faith, and hope, he said she is the type of patient that will out live others with a more dismal outlook on life. Doesn't my mom give cancer a good name? She embraces each experience, forms friendships with those who help her, and wears a smile each day! If that doesn't "buy" her more time, I don't know what will!
Lastly, on a little side note, the neurologist and neurosurgeon told us they see many patients with this type of cancer, and they know the outcome. Due to this, they don't end their visit with comments like, "See you next time" or "Call again in a few months", they just cheefully say, "Enjoy the rest of your life!"

Farm fresh duck and chicken eggs!

My kind new friend Kate Johnson, from Briargate Farm, and her daughters Megan and Molly, graciously offered to host Ashlyn this afternoon! My mom and I had a very full day, so Ashlyn was tickled to get to have some fun on her own. Ashlyn had a grand time doing crafts, playing with the girls, helping out in the barn, and collecting farm fresh eggs! Kate let her bring home a complete dozen! The duck eggs are so big, and the chicken eggs come in an assortment of colors...notice the blue egg! With our fresh milk from Longmont Dairy Farm, and Kate's chicken eggs, we have the freshest food on the block! BIG thanks to the Johnson Family for all your help this afternoon! BIG thanks to the Comeau Family for the delicious dinner tonight as well! We are so grateful to ALL of you for your care, concern, and friendship. The wonderful support from our community has been such a blessing throughout my mom's illness. Thank you!

A mouse in the house!

The cat was acting funny this morning and didn't seem to want to leave Kyle's backpack. I had a sinking suspicion that we may have had an unwelcome visitor. Sure enough, I lifted up Kyle's backpack and out ran a little grey field mouse! The cat went berserk, the dogs joined in the mayhem, and here they are hunting for the mouse under the hutch. Tom set a trap, but we can still see the little mouse hiding on the baseboard. As much as we love our 3 acres, one negative is the creatures that come to visit...mice, coyotes, and mosquitoes. We'll let you know when we capture our little visitor...unfortuantely, you know what that means...where there is one...more may come to visit! Screech!